Board Reports

Please click on links below to view reports

Winter 2019 Board Report Packet
Spring 2018 Board Report Packet

Winter 2018 Board Report Packet

Fall 2017 Board Report Packet
          MMC Report
          MASTA String Camps Report
Winter 2017 Board Report Packet

Fall 2016 Board Report Packet
          Solo Competition Report
Winter 2016 Board Report Packet

Meeting Minutes
Executive Board Minutes 1-24-2018
Full Board Minutes 9-23-2017
Executive Board Minutes 9-23-2017
Executive Board Minutes 5-6-2017
General Membership Minutes 1-19-2017
Full Board Minutes 1-19-2017
Executive Board Minutes 1-18-2017
Executive & Full Board Meeting Minutes 9-24-2016

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 5-14-2016
Executive & Full Board Meeting Minutes 1-21-2016

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