Developing the Bow Arm from Pre-Twinkle to Bk. 10 and Beyond – A Teacher Workshop with Cathryn Lee

This 10 hour course gives the teacher a practical and child-friendly way to develop the complete bow arm from Pre-Twinkle to Bk. 10 and beyond. This Enrichment course will make teaching beautiful tone and a bio-mechanically effective bow arm fun for the child and easy for you.
Complex right arm concepts will be made simple for the children with the help of a cast of child-friendly characters: Panda, Jelly-fish and Rabbit.  And advanced bow strokes (spiccato, staccato, bariolage and more) for the more advanced student will be made instantly better using Cathryn’s “magic” formulas.
Join us and be sure to bring your instrument as we explore the development of the bow arm from Pre-Twinkle to Book 10 and beyond. This course enrollment is limited to 20 teachers.
Registration and cost is on the Bow Arm Registration Form.
Location of Event: First United Methodist Church; 1245 West Maple Street in Adrian, Michigan 49221
Dates of Event: Friday, September 22, 2:30 – 8:30 (dinner provided) and Saturday, September 23, 9:00AM – 3:00PM (Lunch provided)
Please Contact: Jillienne Bowers at or (517) 265-6112. Deadline for applications is September 8th.