Teacher of the Year

The MASTA Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year honors are awarded annually by nomination and election of the entire MASTA membership.

Please click here to download the Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

Please click here to download the Administrator of the Year Nomination Form

A New Policy for Teacher of the Year:

MASTA is a professional organization that exists to allow teachers the ability to access resources for the classroom and the private studio. Studio Teaching was the foundation for ASTA and still remains the largest portion of the membership today. We have included studio teachers in our nominations and selections for Teacher of the Year throughout the history of MASTA but we have never specifically designated a nomination for only a Studio Teacher of the Year award.

A proposal was brought to the MASTA Board for a specific yearly designation for Studio Teacher of the Year or Teacher of the Year (classroom teacher). The proposal was discussed and the board voted to alternate between the two beginning with the 2014 award. Next year we will nominate candidates for Studio Teacher of the Year using the same criteria as the Teacher of the Year. The nominated candidate has taught in Michigan for at least ten years, demonstrated quality teaching through performance, indicated educational achievement in areas other than performance, and demonstrated service to string education in Michigan.

Our goal is for MASTA to recognize on a consistent basis, quality studio teaching. We hope that we have many nominations for the 2014 Studio Teacher of the Year honor. Start thinking now about the quality studio teachers in your area. Look for the nomination form to be included in the MASTA Notes.