Is Mentorship for You?


ASTA has developed a national mentoring program based on the expressed needs of ASTA members. The program is designed to connect early career teachers (1st-5th years) with experienced string/orchestra teachers. Deadline to enroll in this program is AUGUST 31, 2017.

PLEASE consider giving of yourself to this program. BOTH mentees and mentors are needed. What a great way for young teachers to receive confidential feedback and information. What a great way for experienced teachers to give back to the string community and help string teaching and playing to continue to thrive in our state.

Visits can also be made by MASTA’s Member at Large. Our current member at large is Ellen Boyer. Ellen is retired from the Traverse City Schools and is available to visit your school or connect via email. Contact her at

You are encouraged to make use of these mentoring opportunities. We can all make a difference in the lives of string teachers and students!