MASTA Professional Development Grants

My MASTA Grant 2017: OSU String Teacher Workshop
(Adventures in Buckeye-land)
by Joe Harmsen

Earlier this summer, I applied for and received a MASTA Professional Development Grant which I used to help cover some of the costs of the 2017 Ohio State University String Teacher Workshop.

During the workshop, I attended sessions on a large variety of string teaching-related topics, such as secondary instrument classes, building a successful private studio, assessments, aural skills in the ensemble, a rehearsal techniques lab, conducting, public relations for orchestra programs, and so forth. I was introduced to a large assortment of pieces of varying levels for potential use in the classroom through multiple music reading sessions. I also had the opportunity to network with many other string teachers from around the country. At the conclusion of the workshop, I received two graduate credits from The Ohio State University.

This workshop added a large number of new “tools to my teaching toolbox”, aided in my knowledge and skill in a variety of pedagogical areas, and left me recharged for the upcoming school year. I left this workshop a better teacher, and am excited to apply some of the things I learned to my teaching this fall! I highly recommend this workshop to my fellow MASTA members, and encourage you to consider applying for a MASTA Grant. Thank you again to MASTA for supporting my continued education!

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Joe with Dr. Robert Gillespie of OSU

Joe with Dr. Robert Gillespie of OSU