MASTA Reception at MMC

Dear MASTA members:

You may have heard about the reception after the Teacher Orchestra Concert on Friday, January 23rd on the top floor of the Amway tower…but did you know…

…it’s a BRING A FRIEND reception!
Did you know…
…there will be complimentary red/white WINE and CHOCOLATE treats from Donckers* candy makers in Marquette?   (*President Obama chose THIS retailer to purchase Valentine gifts for his wife/daughters on his visit to the U.P.)
AND….did you know you will…
…have tons of FUN with the BEST PEOPLE in the profession…witness the presentation of AWARDS (9 pm) to legends in string teaching…and leave with new INSPIRATION!

Jan. 23rd – 8:30-10:30pm


 26th Floor

Let’s Celebrate STRING teaching together!!!

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