MASTA Studio Teacher of the Year

Jack Budrow accepts MASTA Studio Teacher of the Year Award Jack Budrow, Double Bass Professor at Michigan State University, was elected our 2014 MASTA Studio Teacher of the Year . The award was to be presented at the Michigan Music Conference MASTA luncheon, however Jack was unable to attend due to a playing commitment. The winter months made it hard to coordinate schedules without running into blizzard like conditions on our planned meeting times. We finally set a time when we could meet at Interlochen. We were joined for lunch by Aaron Tenney, Lawrence and Celeste Hurst, Jacks wife Marilyn and my wife Jeri. Jack, Lawrence and Aaron are on the summer faculty of the arts camp.

Jack was very humbled and honored to receive the award. We discussed the role of the studio teacher in music education. He stated that “the classroom orchestra teacher is the motivation that creates interest and excitement for playing an instrument. The studio teacher is the person that can individually refine and accelerate the playing ability of a student”. Budrow recommends that orchestra teachers try to get their students into private lessons as soon as possible. “The results will be a betterorchestra”.

Again, congratulations to Jack. He is a wonderful example of a fine teacher and we are lucky to have him in Michigan.

Tim Staudacher

MASTA President