Suzuki Teaching


MASTA works closely with the Suzuki teachers and programs in Michigan. MASTA hosts two major events each year specifically designed for Suzuki students:


  • October 2    Michigan Suzuki Teachers Meeting

  • November 7 Michigan Cello Festival

  • January 21   Every Child Can (ECC) Class at Michigan Music Conference

  • March 4-5    Suzuki Principals in Action (SPA) class Holland MI

  • Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp is held in June each year.

Suzuki Teacher Training opportunities:

Suzuki Teacher Training Book One for Violin will be held at Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp in June. The prerequisites are:
• Completion of Every Child Can course
• An audition DVD sent to Suzuki Association of the Americas by April 19 (8 weeks in advance of the course)
• Age 17 and a high school diploma
There is the John Kendall Scholarship for a Michigan resident who takes Book One Violin at Blue Lake.

Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp
Violin Book 1, 2,3
Piano Book 2, 3
Guitar Book 2

PhoenixPhest August
Violin Book 1-4 will also be taught at
Cello Books 1-2

Suzuki Royal Oak (Mark Mutter) offers Teacher Training

Here are some helpful links:
The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) website with Teacher Training information: