Music Advocacy

Music Advocacy

MASTA is asking you to become involved in the process to save Michigan Schools and ensure a solid education, including music, for the K-12 students in the State. In order to do this, we are asking that you sign-up for an email alert system by clicking the link below. This link will ask you to input a few valuable pieces of information that will allow us to contact you regarding important events/changes in the School Funding Crisis.

Please enter “MASTA” (all caps) in the Organizational Name box.  Once you register you will receive a confirming email, please respond to the confirming email to complete your registration.

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Please join us in coming together for Michigan Schools and the future of music education by clicking on the link above.

Andrea Jarrett on Music

One of our own Michigan violinists, Andrea Jarrett, is now making a name for herself in the music world. She was the winner of the 2009 Shar Music Award, and wrote about her experiences as a young musician in a short essay.

“And during middle and high school it was a challenge to convince friends that hours of violin practice took precedence over socializing. Only after they heard me perform Glazunov and Mendelssohn concertos with local orchestras did they understand what I had been trying to say. I love communicating as a musician. …”

You might want to share this with your students or administration. Click here to read Andrea’s essay