Teacher of the Year

The MASTA Teacher of the Year and Administrator of the Year honors are awarded annually by nomination and election of the entire MASTA membership.

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Policy for Teacher of the Year:

MASTA is a professional organization that exists to allow teachers the ability to access resources for the classroom and the private studio. Studio Teaching was the foundation for ASTA and still remains the largest portion of the membership today. We have included studio teachers in our nominations and selections for Teacher of the Year throughout the history of MASTA but we have never specifically designated a nomination for only a Studio Teacher of the Year award.

A proposal was brought to the MASTA Board for a specific yearly designation for Studio Teacher of the Year or Teacher of the Year (classroom teacher). The proposal was discussed and the board voted to alternate between the two beginning with the 2014 award. Criteria to be nominated for Teacher of the Year are that the nominated candidate has taught in Michigan for at least ten years, demonstrated quality teaching through performance, indicated educational achievement in areas other than performance, and demonstrated service to string education in Michigan.

Past MASTA Teachers of the Year

2022 Ann Wood
2021 Jonathan Glawe
2020 Andrea Yun
2019 Linda Trotter
2018 Marla Smith
2017 Abby Alwin
2016 Wendy Azrak
2015 Dan Scott
2014 Jack Budrow
2013 Mark Kochenruther
2012 Janis Peterson

2011 David Reed
2010 Bruce Uchimura
2009 Jed Fritzemeier
2008 Kevin Miller
2007 John Kendall
2006 Leslie Wimsatt
2005 Jan Burchman
2004 Steve Reed
2003 Judith Palac
2002 Rosemary Maloczay
2001 Marshall (Larry) Hutchinson
2000 Pat Smith
1999 Catharine DeLuca
1998 Alan MacNair
1997 Connie Dugger
1997 Bill Tennant
1996 Bob Ritsema
1995 Bob Phillips
1994 Robert Culver
1993 Jerry Bartlett
1992 Roxanne Oliver
1991 Russell Reed
1990 Geri Arnold
1989 Dan Long
1988 Yvonne Schilla
1987 Lyman Bodman
1986 Helene Bleecker
1983 Jean Manning
1982 Valerie Palmieri
1981 Martha Froseth
1980 Ann Schoelles
1979 Carolyn Tarzia
1978 Gabe Villasurda
1977 Ara Zerounian
1976 Marilyn Kesler
1975 Betty Heaton
1974 Lawrence Guenther 
1973 Julius Stulberg
1972 Olive Gold Parks
1971 Mildred Bachellor
1970 Emily Austin
1969 Maurice Riley
1968 Louis Potter
1967 Elizabeth Green
1966 Robert Lint
1965 Anne Dodge
1964 Yenovk Kavafian