Michigan’s Newest High School MASTA Chapter

Students from Lowell High School and NorthPointe Christian High School had their first meeting and decided to form a “West Michigan High School” Student Chapter of MASTA. The goal, once the vision of the group is clear, is to include students from neighboring schools and build a solid high school string community in Grand Rapids.

Their first event was to attend the MMC in January, and in February/March they met with middle school students from their district to prepare for MSBOA S&E Festival.

They had their second official meeting in May and decided on officer positions and who should fill them.  They organized an event to attend the Grand Rapids Symphony together.

The members currently are:
Carson VanNoyPresident
Jenna Rosendall- VP
Annelise Witcher- Secretary
Alina Balance- Treasurer
Josh Fabis- Events Coordinator
Natalie Paiz- Member

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