University of Michigan Bass Bash

by Michael Hopkins


30 bass students in grades 6-12 attended the 2019 Bass Bash at the University of Michigan on Saturday, September 7, 2019. The festival was directed by MASTA President-Elect Michael Hopkins with U-M Bass faculty Max Dimoff, Robert Hurst, and Ranaan Meyer. Longtime MASTA members John Kennedy and Derek Weller also taught at the festival.

Participants from the following schools came to Bass Bash. Thanks to the MASTA members who encouraged students to attend!

Walled Lake Western High School
Clarkston High School
Pioneer High School
McLean High School
Perrysburg Junior High School
Linden Grove Middle School
Slauson Middle School
Novi High School
Perrysburg High School
Farmington High School
Pathfinder School
Dexter High School
Clague Middle School
Skyline High School
Forsythe Middle School
Clarkston Junior High
North Farmington High School
Beach Middle School
Huron High School
Community High School (A2)
Slauson Middle School
South Fayette Middle School